Is the title All Boys Aren't Blue pervasively vulgar?

After seeing Social Media posts on the title, All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson, I purchased a copy. It was, and still is, available in several CFISD High School libraries. If a student would like a copy from another campus, they can request it. I filed a Formal Reconsideration asking for the title to be removed from the student libraries. In response, I was told it was educationally suitable/appropriate. 


Cheryl T. Henry, Ed.D. 



On December 16, 2022 a Request for Formal Reconsideration of Library Materials was received for All Boys Aren’t Blue, by George M. Johnson (publication date – April 28, 2020). 

A reconsideration committee was assembled consisting of campus administrator, campus librarian, instructional staff, parent on the Campus Performance Objectives Committee. 

The committee reviewed your concerns and read All Boys Aren’t Blue in its entirety. 

The following concern(s) were reviewed: Sex Scenes; Obscene Material: 201-202, 206, 208, 266, 267, 270-271, 272, 273 The following recommendations were reviewed: 

Request to remove from the library for all age groups 

The reconsideration committee met on January 13, 2023 and determined: • The book address racism and its effect on teens • The book addresses bullying and its effect on teens • The book represents a group of students who are often overlooked and experience discrimination and prejudice • The book provides a small window into the experiences of middle-class AA families • Provides empathy/understanding toward an underrepresented group (male/Black/queer) • Although there are a few very descriptive “sex scenes” the scenes did not rise to the definition of “pervasively vulgar”. The group came to consensus: • The book is appropriate for the Adult, Opt-in Collection • 

The book will remain in the campus library Submitted February 15, 2023 Dr. Cheryl T. Henry, Principal Cypress Springs HS


These are the Grade levels for "Adult" according to CFISD Library policy:

Prekindergarten- Grade 6: Juvenile, Young Adult

Grades 7–8: Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult
Adult Grades 9–12: Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult
A parent does have the right to "opt in" their child to "Adult". However there are plenty of "Adult" level books that are not pornographic. I do not like the terms "Adult" or "Young Adult" because I feel they are misleading. Better terms would be "Pre-Teen", "Teen" and "Under 18." 

Why did I file a Formal Reconsideration? Why did I find this book pervasively vulgar and obscene according to the law of our land, concerning children in school? 

Take a look:

The author is very disparaging towards white people. I wonder how our white children feel about reading this book available in their safe school library? This is a few comments made in his book about whites:

Descriptive sex scenes of George having sex with his first cousin:

The CFISD library policy states library books need to be consistent with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. 

This is what the Texas State Library and Archives Commission states about public school libraries (

1. School libraries promote information literacy requiring targeted instruction to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, ethically use, and clearly communicate information in various formats. 

2. School libraries provide access to information for inquiry including the pursuit, creation, and sharing of knowledge, and support for both student and professional learning. 

3. School libraries support reading for learning and pleasure which are essential skills for college and career readiness and for life. 

4. School libraries are vital technology centers, providing access to devices and online resources, supporting personalized learning, and teaching digital literacy including privacy, safety, etiquette, creative credit, cyber bullying, and creating a positive digital footprint. 

5. School libraries are essential, safe, and inviting centers for teaching and learning. 

6. School libraries are effective when staffed by full-time, certified school librarians at every school, supported by trained paraprofessionals.

If All Boys Aren't Blue is educationally suitable, then is the library a safe and inviting center for teaching and learning? I personally believe it is a form of sexual perversion to want these pornographic books for teens, and that is why I have been filing Formal Reconsiderations on them. 

Since (some) Principals and Librarians are ok with these books, how many more are coming? How long until these ideologies are taught in classrooms to your child? If they aren't already?

Did you know these book were in the libraries and paid for with your tax money? Please read my other blogs to see more available books. My list is not exhaustive, there are MANY sexually perverse, books available to minor students in CFISD libraries. 


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