Colleen Hoover's sexually explicit novels available in CFISD libraries.

 A 15 year old CFISD student told me last week that kids at his school were passing around Colleen Hoover’s books. Why? Because they are well known for being sexually explicit.

Colleen warns us on Good Reads and on her author website:

I looked online at CFISD libraries to see if any of these books were available. I was surprised to find 23 different titles and over 40 copies at various schools. 

I ordered 3 titles to see how sexually explicit they are. Verity, It Ends with Us and Ugly Love. 

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Reader’s Warehouse rates Verity for 21+. (CFISD also has the title Too Late available to minors rated 21+ by Reader’s Warehouse.) 

 Colleen Hoovers title, It Ends With Us, is also available in CFISD libraries:

Let’s take a look:

Do you think Verity and It Ends With Us is appropriate for a school library where teens go to study? Would you like your teen to read this book? Please look up statistics on teens addicted to pornography. 

Book 3 I ordered is Ugly Love. Again Colleen Hoover WARNS on her author website her books are full of sex scenes. There are warnings on several book sites warning about the content of her books.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover (Kindle Version)

 Ugly Love is available at the following school libraries. A student can order a book from another school and have it brought to their school:

Several of the sex scenes in Ugly Love, are between two teens who live at home with their parents:

I have only read 3 of the over 20 Colleen Hoover titles CFISD has, but I have seen enough. 

Please scroll down and read my blogposts to see pictures of what books CFISD finds educationally suitable/appropriate for your CFISD student.


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