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Beyond Magenta: A Transgender Teen Speaks Out. Appropriate book for public school libraries?

Beyond Magenta:A Transgender Teen Speaks Out I first heard about this book on the news. Numerous parents were outraged their tax money was paying for pornography available to their minor students in public school libraries.  Several copies of the book are in CFISD school libraries beginning in middle school. After purchasing and reading the book, I filed a Formal Reconsideration on it. A Book Reconsideration Committee was formed by each school who had a copy, due to my request. Any taxpayer who lives in the district has a right to file.  Public schools have to be transparent about your tax money.  The book reconsideration committee consists of at least 2 CFISD staff, and a campus parent. The school Principal is the final authority, and signs off on whether or not the book remains in the library at their school.  The librarians purchase the books. Once a Formal Reconsideration committee decision is made, a copy is sent to the Superintendent and the School Board. I did ask for the commit

The Handmaid’s Tale

A parent of a high school student, filed a Formal Reconsideration on the graphic novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” The CFISD school responded that the book has “diversity of appeal” and will remain in the school library. A parent does have to opt in to "Adult" but that means their student does not have access to any of the "Adult" level books, even the non pornographic books. Here is CFISD School Policy on book levels: Prekindergarten- Grade 6:  Juvenile, Young Adult Grades 7–8:  Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult Adult Grades 9–12:  Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult A parent does have the right to "opt in" their child to "Adult". However there are plenty of "Adult" level books that are not pornographic. I do not like the terms "Adult" or "Young Adult" because I feel they are misleading. Better terms would be "Pre-Teen", "Teen" and "Under 18."  Let’s take a look at The Handmaid's Tale: