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The title Lawn Boy and it's Educational Appropriateness for School Libraries.

The title Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison, which has made mainstream media for it’s vulgarity, is available in CFISD High School libraries. I filed a Formal Reconsideration on it, and two schools responded they were keeping the book. I was told Lawn Boy is considered "Educationally Appropriate." Please review the following letters and book availability: There is a reason this book made the news for being available to minor students at school libraries. Lots of profanity, drug/alcohol use and the character talking about when he was in 4th grade (I think this is 10 years old) "sucking dicks." These screenshots are not exhaustive, but I can't publish the entire book.  Please take a look: Lawn Boy is not the only pornographic book available in CFISD libraries. Please see my other blogposts for more pictures and information.

Is the title All Boys Aren't Blue pervasively vulgar?

After seeing Social Media posts on the title, All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson, I purchased a copy. It was, and still is, available in several CFISD High School libraries. If a student would like a copy from another campus, they can request it. I filed a Formal Reconsideration asking for the title to be removed from the student libraries. In response, I was told it was educationally suitable/appropriate.  _________________________________________________________ Cheryl T. Henry, Ed.D.  CYPRESS SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL Principal  7909 FRY ROAD CYPRESS, TEXAS 77433  On December 16, 2022 a Request for Formal Reconsideration of Library Materials was received for All Boys Aren’t Blue, by George M. Johnson (publication date – April 28, 2020).  A reconsideration committee was assembled consisting of campus administrator, campus librarian, instructional staff, parent on the Campus Performance Objectives Committee.  The committee reviewed your concerns