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Should CFISD be promoting Gender Identity in Elementary School Libraries? PreK-5th Grade?

 I went to the CFISD library system for Elementary, and typed in "Gender Identity." 25 Titles concerning Gender Identity pulled up in our CFISD Elementary schools.  Some of the books had anywhere from 14-39 copies! Examples from the title "Being You" by Madison, Ralli, Passchier Examples from the title "It Feels Good to Be Yourself" by Theresa Thorn: Are you ok with your elementary age child being taught you could have misgendered them?  Is this why you send your child to school? To be taught sexuality?  Or did you send them to school to learn academics?  Are you good with your tax money going to these library books? Examples from the title Jacob's New Dress by Sarah and Ian Hoffman: Examples from the title Jacob's Room To Choose by Sarah and Ian Hoffman: In Jacob's Room to Choose, the elementary age children are led by their teacher to decide that boys and girls can share bathrooms. Are you ok with your child sharing bathrooms with the opposit

Is The Bluest Eye educationally suitable for underage students?

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison is another title in CFISD libraries I filed a Formal Reconsideration on.  CFISD libraries The Blue Eye is available in: The Bluest Eye, purchased with our tax money by CFISD librarians, has numerous sex scenes which makes it pornographic and unsuitable for minors.  Please look at some sample text from my personal copy: Descriptive Pedophilia:                                                           Descriptive Sex Scenes:                                                A sample of the numerous profane statements: The descriptive rape of an 11 year old by her father: These are the official CFISD Principal/Formal Reconsideration Committees responses citing The Bluest Eye is educationally suitable for minors:  I am on CFISD SHAC committee. SHAC stands for School Health Advisory Committee. It is most famous for "sex ed." I was on the High School "Sex Ed" committee this year and I am very familiar with the latest TEKS. The Bluest Eye, and