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Book Review of Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez available in CFISD Libraries!

 I purchased the book Out of Darkness, because I read in the news about a Dallas area school removing it due to sexually explicit material and depictions of abuse. It is a fictional novel based around the real event of the New London School Explosion: I personally feel this book should only be available to adults, and not available in our schools. I did not file a Formal Reconsideration on it, because so far CFISD has told me no to removing 6 titles of books that made the news (more than once) due to sexual explicit material in it. I took pictures of some of the pages in my personal copy of Out of Darkness, please take a look and decide for yourself if you want this book available to your child, and paid for with your tax money. Screenshot of all the CFISD libraries where Out of Darkness is available:                                                               Sexual assault of a teenager by their step father:                

Is the title Tilt by Ellen Hopkins appropriate for CFISD school libraries?

When I purchased the book Tricks by Ellen Hopkins to review, I also purchased her title Tilt. Tilt is full of underage sex scenes, drug use and profanity. Very similar to Tricks.    Here is a list of what CFISD schools Tilt is available in: I did file a formal reconsideration on Tricks and the school responded. Please read the blog for Tricks: