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The Book Tricks helps Teens Learn About Sex Trafficking?

 I filed a Formal Reconsideration on the book Tricks by Ellen Hopkins.  When I first looked up the book in mid January 2023, to decide whether or not I wanted to review the book, seven CFISD High schools owned a copy and one Middle School.  Rowe Middle School had Tricks on 2/20/2023: Tricks available at several schools earlier this year: I purchased the book, and read it. It was very thick and took some time. When I filed the Formal Reconsideration weeks later, only 3 schools had copies: I filed at these schools only to be told the book Tricks had been pulled except for Langham Creek High School. Why was it suddenly pulled from all these schools around the same time? Maybe because of recent media attention?  Before you read CFISD’s response, know there is approved, age appropriate human trafficking curriculum by WHO and Crimestoppers parents can opt IN to. Yours truly was on the CFISD SHAC sub committee for human trafficking, so I can tell you ZERO sex scenes are used to warn kids abou